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Stage Left Audio Productions, LLC provides sound/lighting/PA services to various events around the Raleigh/Durham, NC area. These services are provided for weddings, corporate events, concerts, cultural events, and for various bands. Here are some of our customers and clients that we have provided services for.

Bahama Days (Bahama, NC)

Stage Left Audio Productions was honored to be included in the Bahama Days event in Bahama NC. A great family event with food, crafts and of course music! An old-charm feel of Bahama will put you back to the "good ol' days". The music was fantastic, the dancing was great! Come on out next year!


An excellent classic rock, soul and r&b cover band with their original twists on many tunes you have heard! They are a must-see and hear! In this photo, they are playing at the Blue Note Grill (Durham, NC) to a full house. Stage Left Audio provided mixing services utilizing the house sound system. The Groovynators always pack this house!

Creative Food Drive

The Creative Food Drive event in Durham, NC at the Farmer's Market! Great local bands supporting a great cause. Steph Stewart and the Boyfriends, Dark Water Rising, and Outside Soul performed their styles of music for guests and participants of the food drive. Tisha Powell of channel 11 (ABC) came out and provided emcee services! Great crowd, great music, a great day! This event is a must see!!

Vietnamese Tet Festival:

The Vietnamese Tet festival in Raliegh NC is a great event! Dancing, singing, performances - all on one stage. The Midnight Jammers host national talent as they enteraint the guests. Great entertainment for the entire family. Evening concert has local and national Vietnamese entertainers! A great event for everyone and a must see! Stage Left Audio is honored to be a part of this event!

Corporate Events

Stage Left Audio Productions, LLC providing sound for this large corporate event. Multiple bands on one stage provided an afternoon of great music! There were volunteers on-hand to assist us with the sound for this big event! Thank you volunteers! It was great to mix for all the bands that performed. We are honored to have been part of this company event.

Scandinavian Christmas:

A traditional Christmas fair exhibiting Swedish music, dance, and food. Great entertainment sharing one stage. This is a great cultural event!! If you have not attended, you should. Stage Left Audio provided sound reinforcement for this event. A must see!!

9/11 Remembrance - Benson, NC

A tribute to 9/11. Held in Benson, NC. A beautiful evening to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. A large crowd attended this event hosted by the city and great people of Benson, NC. Stage Left Audio Productions is honored to be a part of this great event.

Music Festivals / Events

Excellent Latin entertainment! Many performers/bands entertained about 2,500 guests during this music festival in Durham, NC. Stage Left Audio Productions, LLC provided sound for this all day event. Great bands, great dancing, great event! We were honored to be a part of this Latin festival.

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