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Sound Reinforcement:

Stage Left Audio Productions provides basic front of house (FOH) sound reinforcement services to bands, performers or anyone who is needing sound and/or lighting for an event!

Feel the power!
With system power up to around 18,000 watts, we feel confident that we can provide your event with clean strong sound!  Crown MacroTech, RCF and QSC provide the amplification. Your guests will feel the power. The subs are always a crowd pleaser!

Our FOH system consists of 4 x dual-18" subs, 6 x line array cabinets (ground stacked or flown), and 2 x center-fill cabinets; System wattage is around 18,000 watts; and is well suited for outdoor events!

Pictured below: FOH amp rack with Crown and QSC power.


Are you a band or a performer with your own equipment?  Do you have your own monitor speakers and mics that you use for practices or perhaps for small gigs?

Stage Left will work with bands to utilize their own monitors and mics... all in conjunction with the FOH sound system that Stage Left Audio Productions provides! 

What does all this mean...? 
It means you or your band can use your own monitors or mics (vocal, drums, guitar, etc...) while Stage Left provides FOH sound and a monitor mix!  Using your own equipment  can provide you with a "security blanket" while on stage!

How this helps you...!
By allowing bands and performers to utilize their own stage equipment, Stage Left is able to keep service rates economically priced.  This means we do not need to maintain an inventory of monitor speakers and mics to cover the many personal tastes of individuals and bands.  Besides, if you  have practiced with your own equipment,  then you are probably comfortable with it, which means,  you should be able to use it!

....If you are in need of monitors and mics, we do have some available for use.

Contact us (info@stageleft-audio.com) for more details!

Public Address (P.A.)
Stage Left provides a basic P.A. system for events that simply require the projection of a voice.  For example, if your company is conducting an outdoor event, and you need the guests/employees to hear what someone is saying, a P.A. system is what you need! 

You don't need a large complicated system.... you don't need an undersized system either... what you need is a system scaled for your event!

Shown here is a basic P.A. setup with 2 powered speakers. These speakers provided PA (vocal) coverage for the Town of Cary Christmas Parade.

If you have any questions or you are ready to schedule your event, please contact us!

Contact us (info@stageleft-audio.com) for more details!


Lighting is an excellent tool to emphasize the talent of bands and performers!  With a basic lighting system, your show will present a greater level of entertainment!  Add some intelligent lighting and fog to get the crowd really moving!

alllight-angle.....stock photo (8 x PAR-56 300 watt cans w/fog)

Stage Left provides basic stage wash lighting for events.  For stage lighting, we currently use PAR-64 LED fixtures and PAR-56 300 watt floods (as back lighting). For intelligent lighting, we offer basic and large lighting packages for various sized events. Please contact us for more information on lighting.

Fog is very important for  emphasizing light shows!  We can add a fog machine to your event.

If you already have a sound system, but would like to add some lighting for a greater effect, we can help you! Please contact us with your needs!

What does it take to have a sound system at your location:

There is a lot of work and planning involved to bring a sound system to your event. Without planning and careful thought, the sound system may not perform to the best of its capacity, which unfortunately could result in a low quality sounding event. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when deciding to bring a sound sytem to your event.

Sound systems can produce thousands of watts. To support the potential power requirements of the amplifiers (and other sound system related gear), there must be good ELECTRICAL SERVICE to the amplifiers and there needs to be plenty of circuits available to provide some load distrubtion between the amplifiers (and other stage equipment). More circuits does not mean more outlets!! Depending on the amount of amplification needs for your event, individual circuit requirements could range from a minimum of 2 up to 10 (standard 15/20amp circuits). This would cover the main house sound system and the stage.

If your event is not near any plubic utility service, a GENERATOR will be needed. There are quality diesel generators availble that are designed to produce thousands of watts. We DO NOT recommend the use of "home" grade generators (most all of these use gasoline.) Commerical quality generators are recommended for powering a sound system. They are extremely quite, can produce many thousands of watts and have large enough diesel tanks on them to run for many, many hours.

******** When planning for an event with a sound system, please make sure there will be PLENTY of circuits available!!

To make the bands sound as good as they can, the MIXING POSITION needs to be directly out in front of the band. When planning your event, make sure there is a location out front for the FOH (Front of House) mixer to be placed. The distance requirement out front from the stage could be anywhere from 20 to 80 ft. With the mixer out front, this will mean that at least two (2) cables will be running from the stage area to the mixing location. These cables are very important and must be included in the sound system setup.

SPEAKER Location:
Speaker placement is very important for a good sounding show. Most speakers are placed at either end of the stage (or stage area). This placement is usually standard and many events provide room for this type of speaker placement. However, stage left and stage right speaker placement may not be the best choice for the type of speakers utilized, nor for the type of music being played. An alternative speaker location (for the bass speaker(s) only) is directly in front of the stage, and depending on how many bass speakers are used, there could be several feet separating the bass speaker cabinets. It is possible (for sound quality reasons) that bass speakers will be recommended for placement directly in front of the stage.

A sound check is extremely important for the success of the show. SOUND CHECKS can take from as little as 10 minutes to 30 minutes to conduct (depending on the complexity of the mix and the number of band members). It is highly recommended to always allow time for a sound check. Without one, the band may not sound as good as they could; which could result in the band being viewed as "not very good."

These are just a few brief points to consider when having a sound system at your event. Please contact us if you have any questions about our sound system being utilized for your event!



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