Want to be part of a show...?

Do you like music...

Do you like sound equipment...

Interested in learning about Sound Reinforcement...

To put on a successful event requires individuals who want to be part of the show. These individuals who volunteer their time and skills are important to a successful event.

Many different skill levels are utilized for events, but in the end, all levels of help are needed to bring together a sound system.

Even if you have no experience and want to learn about sound, you can volunteer!! Volunteers with all different skill levels can make a difference!

Interested in volunteering for an event...?

What are some potential benefits when you volunteer...?

- Participation in putting together a sound system for an event

- Understanding how sound systems work

- Learn about various sound system components

- Gain knowledge/experience that may help you in the music field

- Learn how various components fit into the "big picture" of a sound system

- Learn basic physics of sound

- Meet entertainers

- Learn principles of mixing

Does this sound like you...?

If you have the desire/commitment and would like to learn more about sound reinforcement, volunteer opportunities may be available for an upcoming show.

Still interested in a volunteering opportunity...?

Fill out our brief online Volunteer form (below) to be added to our volunteer list!

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